Welcome Beautiful Ones! I am a lifelong healer, reader, teacher, medicine woman and  channel of Spirit. I have thirty-plus years’ experience as an astrologer and Tarot reader, and twenty-five years’ experience as a spiritual healer. As a young girl, I grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California, where I would sit by the creek for hours and commune with the water and rock spirits and be purified and healed.  There I discovered that my great love and healer was Mother Nature. At a young age, I fell in love with astrology and dance, and started studying both at age eleven. At seventeen, I experienced fire walking and began studying energy healing, herbology, and vibrational medicine (such as flower essences), and seriously studying the art of Tarot. At nineteen I moved to New York City to study dance at the Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham schools of dance. In New York, I completed a two-year program and became an ayurvedic practitioner at Dr. Guervaz’s School of Ayurveda, and also completed a two-year training and became a professional astrologer at the Manhattan School of Astrology. Upon moving back to California, I entered into naturopathic training and received certificates in nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, and more from the Herbal Healer Academy, and also became a Healing Touch practitioner, levels 1 and 2, and a Chi Kung master healer. Later, while living in Maine, I became a Reiki healer, levels 1 and 2, an Integrated Energy therapist, levels 1 and 2, a certified medical intuitive, and a certified Akashic healer/reader.

Helping others to heal on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels is my passion and my life’s calling. I am a very open-hearted and open-minded person who knows that we are all on the same journey. My specialties currently are Akashic Healing and Karmic Cleansing, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Homeopathy and professional Astrology Chart Readings. Through the Akashic Masters, Lords of Karma, Angels and Spirit, I have found the most amazing tool for helping others remove long time obstacles and find freedom and relief. Through Astrology (natal chart readings, relationship charts, and yearly forecasts), I am able to help bring greater insight to all situations. My other joys in life are mothering, dance, music, yoga, and communing with nature and other beautiful souls. I love working with families and children. All of my work is of the highest Love and Light. I feel so honored and blessed by each person’s life I touch.

Trina Heatherington