Persis Newland

Psychic Reader, Artist, Teacher, and Owner.   Since a child, I have always held a natural frequency harmonious to that of Nature.  As an Animist, I believe that natural phenomena or inanimate objects possess Spirit, and communing with the Spirit of Things is paramount to sourcing the power of Self.   My communion with the Spirit, in turn creates Magic and Miracles or Spiritual Events in my life. I have observed how we are all designed to commune with the Spirit of Things on a sensory level, through our Chakra system.  This brilliantly designed energy system allows us to have profoundly spiritual, unique personal relationships with the Natural World or the Spirit of Things in our everyday life. I know my intuition and self trust  provide the keys to Me and the daily Chakra work I do opens me to the Spirit of All Things.  This relationship offers me full participation in the Natural flow of my own energy.  Although I have not yet attained the frequency I am destined to hold, I do hold the frequency of who Spirit needs me to be right now.  I offer practical solutions and down to earth perspectives. Healing information often rides in on a grand sense of humor, easing the pain and suffering experienced when eyes see and hearts feeling for the first time.   My art is created by allowing the Spirit of Thing wanting to be created full use of who I am.  The Creation is a clear reflection of the Animist belief that the life force in all things can be motivated to birth time, and time again.  Simply request from your heart of hearts.

Kristen Nestor

      Kristen has a natural ability to connect with the heart of the matter and can assist you with that connection within yourself.  She has been professionally reading for 6 years.  Kristen focuses on soul healing and empowerment, opening up to Unconditional Love and allowing spirit to connect with her to serve your highest good.  Wether it be clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentiance, mediumship, inner child connections, past life recall, and more.  Spirit is continually surprising her to the infinite ways to connect with and express through her.  Kristen's relaxed demeanor and sense of humor create a clear space to expand your awareness and transcend.  A reading with Kristen provides you with guidance, gives you tools for deepening your connection with spirit, and empowers you to move forward in peace and feel excited for life's adventure.  

Sonya Arias

Sonya is a Reiki Practitioner and Facilitator of Family Soul Constellations.  She’s also a Life Coach, and helps people move through issues by using hypnosis, NLP, and Neurological Re-patterning.  She has received several certifications from the Christopher Howard Institute and has studied under Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker of the Bert Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, and under Francesca Mason Boring.  Sonya’s accomplishments include the LiteQuest and Masters workshops with the LifeQuest center in Pomona, and working with marriage counselors and family therapists over the years.   She has the ability to work with people from all lifestyles, and loves to explore other cultures and countries.  She has high integrity, intuitiveness and believes in genuine dedication, commitment and hard work.  She believes in helping others discover their individual healing qualities with the purpose of achieving a greater sense of peace and reestablishing vital strength, tranquility and dignity at the soul level.  Sonya was raised in the U.S. and Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish and English and continues her journey to acquire better health and inner peace.

Shana Mirambeau

Shana Mirambeau is a Cuban and Haitian Writer, Editor and Intuitive Healer. She is a Reiki Healer I & II and a trained Family Constellation Facilitator: a practice started by Bert Hellinger to uncover and acknowledge hidden trauma, facilitate healing through its expression and acceptance, thus allowing healing movements at a soul level to bring  peace and resolution in family dynamics. As a Healer and Intuitive Tarot Reader, Shana works with spirit, ancestral lineage, guides, the Four Winds and Mother Earth to serve the highest good of each individual client. With the goal to aid in the soul’s expansion and heal the shadow parts of self that keep us wounded, she leads workshops exploring multiple healing modalities and experimental non-fiction writing for women. Shana has a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in  English Literature and Women & Gender Studies and an M.F.A in Creative Writing with a concentration in Documentary Strategies.

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Victoria Gross

Victoria is a clairvoyant and medium who has been doing readings professionally since 1987.  Her background is in Tarot, Palmistry, Mediumship, Crystal Gazing and Psychometry.  She is 2nd degree Reiki and Certified in Magnified Healing. In 2001 she created the North Orange County Tarot which ran for 5 years.

Besides doing psychic readings, she teaches and gives seminars on the psychic arts. She also has volunteered for the past fifth-teen years on the “Haunted Fullerton Walking Tour” which is a fundraiser the Fullerton Museum.

Victoria is also a Paranormal Investigator and author of the book Ghosts of Orange County.  In 2009-10 she was the lead Story Producer on the two Bio/A&E specials and first season of My Ghost Story.  She is Lead Story Producer for the pilot called Casefiles Unknown.  Victoria has also served as a tour guide for the Haunted Ghost Tours of the Queen Mary.

Cassie Rittenhouse

Cassie Rittenhouse is a certified massage therapist, tarot reader and energy healer. Intuitive from an early age, Cassie began exploring metaphysics and healing as a teenager. After moving from Colorado to California and starting a family, Cassie dedicated herself to the healing arts. Her studies and experiences led her into working heavily with aromatherapy and acupressure, which she frequently incorporates into her bodywork, along with other healing modalities that she studied along the way.

In both her massage work and her tarot readings, Cassie works to bring balance and healing to her client’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. Using compassion, humor and wisdom gained during her own healing journey, Cassie invites you to join her as she supports you in taking the next step into greater joy, self-love and healing.

Leiah Ortiz

Leiah is a Reiki Master, Certified Master of Crystology by Melody, trained by Debi Mckee, a crystal healer.  Currently, she’s been mentoring with Kristen Nestor for two years. 's passion for knowledge in alternative health modalities has led her to the wonderful healing energy of crystals.  Leiah’s sensitive and intuitive nature coupled with her tremendous love and appreciation for crystals fuels her passion to give her clients a deep healing experience.

Liz Mena