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Readings ~ Psychic, Energy, Tarot, Palm

Having a reading from a great psychic is very exciting and quite revealing.  A truly wondrous and informative reading can open doors to the subconscious mind, prepare the heart for healing and sets you on a Path to your own chosen goals.  You may have a single question or you may be searching for grander meaning to your life and times.  Either way, a reading will set you on a course to success.

What is your Path and Purpose? Readings are perfect for seeing details, defining challenges and averting struggles that may be heading your way due to personal choices or decisions made long ago. Sometimes we are called to a Spiritual Reading by our own Guides, our Inner Child or are Guardian Angels, and the like. There may be a relative or friend that is crossed over in need of connection. Other dimensions often seek out the voice of a third-party to channel knowledge, unheard by the one they are trying to reach.

Relationship readings working knowledge and understanding to issues and events that may be affecting your relationship. With knowledge of our own threads of dysfunction and a clear understanding of our partners true nature we can develop a plan to heal and have a meaningful, co-creative relationship with our loved ones.

Readings at kindred Spirits are only a dollar-fifty per minute, and can even be done over the phone.

To make an appointment please call us at (909)626-2434

See the Light-Workers Bio, Class, or Services flyers by clicking on their photograph.

Crystal Healing

Crystals generate energy, in very specific frequencies for each crystal.  Quartz is used in our watches, and clocks for this reason, when struck the frequency of Quartz is in perfect sync with time.  Crystal Healers use these frequencies to accomplish specific purposes.

Crystal Healing takes a holistic approach to healing by providing the necessary frequencies to promote overall well being. Crystal healing can open you up to deeper states of relaxation and meditation, helps to get  rid of anything that no longer serves your best interest, increases clarity of mind, helps relieve stress, and implements overall harmony and alignment to the mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

Aura Photos

Aura--Colors represent different qualities and properties of the person in the photograph.  Knowledge of your Personal Aura will give you basic understandings of your energetic structure.  You will see positions and combinations of different colors in your energetic field and learn how the shape, color and the size of your aura changes every moment in a myriad of ways.  This is a great chance to understand yourself in living, breathing color. Take home an Aura Image as well as a print out with all the info you need to know yourself and understand the energy you emit and receive.

Our process is not Kirlian Photography, this is beyond.  Kirlian Photography is a process of sending a small charge of electricity to the subject, and the camera melding the results and the still photo.  Our process uses actual biofeedback to get instantaneous continuous results and then meld them with Video.  Yes, Video!  You get to see an actual Aura Video, and not just a still photo.

Here at Kindred Spirits, we have such a variety of teachers with a vast amount of skills.  If you can think of a class you would like to take and can get 4 other people to take the class with you, let us know and we pair you up with the right teacher.  They can have private classes just for your group of 5 or more anytime you like.  This has been a very successful feature for our healing center and many have taken advantage of this offer and been very happy when all is done.


Here at Kindred Spirits, we have such a variety of teachers with a vast amount of skills.  If you can think of a class you would like to take and can get 4 other people to take the class with you, let us know and we pair you up with the right teacher.  They can have private classes just for your group of 5 or more anytime you like.  This has been a very successful feature for our healing center and many have taken advantage of this offer and been very happy when all is done.



Chakra Cleansing

The Illumination process is a time-honored foundation for Shamanic healing. Using both an individual’s luminous energy field and the seven major Chakras (healing centers) of the body, this process works at a core level to lift and release heavy energies while infusing light and free flowing energy.

Each Chakra is associated with different general core issues. This is where we hold our emotional, genetic and karmic traumas, fears and hurts and experience loss of our true power and voice. This heavy energy or discord in the Chakra centers can cause disharmony or can cause us to “disconnect” with ourselves, others and our spiritual base. It can cause us to become physically and/or psychologically ill.

The Illumination is a gentle and guided clearing process.  A client will be ‘scanned’ or energetically evaluated.   The shaman will determine which Chakras are compromised and then proceed to clear the blockages.

For any client without a specific concern but who is simply interested in lifting and removing old “baggage” the tracking and illumination process is also effective.

Each session is extremely individualized and the exact process depends on the specifics of what we find within a client’s Chakra. Lifting these layers of dense energies is much like peeling an onion and everyone’s experience is unique.

Leiah Persis Sonya

Dream Interpretation

 Spirit is consistently communicating with you, and one of the many ways we get guidance is through our dreams.

Symbols are the language of dreams. Symbolic dreams are meant to be deciphered by us, our own interpretation of it. Acquiring the ability to interpret our own dreams is a powerful tool. Remember that no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than yourself. In this class you will learn how to:

• get a meaningful and personalized interpretation of your dreams

• distinguished different kinds of dreams

• program yourself to remember your dreams

• program yourself to get your dreams to work for you


Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique that reduces stress and creates relaxation. It is based on the premise that a universal energy flows through us and is what animates our lives.  Reiki opens the energy channels within the body which helps to promote healing of the body, mind and Spirit.  The Reiki energies are intelligent energies and are divinely directed, knowing where you need the healing.  

A Reiki treatment is a way of increasing your life energy so that your body can heal itself. A practitioner sends energy to the client through the hands. The hands are lightly placed on or near the body around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. A practitioner will also treat above the body and clear the aura.

A treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance that flows through the body.  It is a very relaxing experience and the energy is very soothing. A treatment will usually release negative feelings or thoughts leaving you feeling more positive, light hearted and with feelings of joy. Healing often takes place and people have reported recovery from minor discomfort like headache, stomachache, joint pain etc., but also major illnesses have been affected. While almost everyone experiences relaxation and improvement, healing results cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that if you have an illness or other medical condition, you should consult a licensed physician.

The ability to send energy is innate within everyone. However, Reiki teaches a method that does not deplete the practitioner. Classes are always forming so please contact Kindred Spirits or Laura Rule for additional information.

Reiki Level I  

The Level I Attunement is the foundation for all the other classes and is the time when the initiate is formally introduced to the Reiki energies and learns the history of Reiki and basic healing practices. A Reiki I practitioner channels the life force energy to the client, or to themselves, through touch.  The student will be given one symbol to use during their healing's.

Reiki Level II

The Level II Attunement brings additional energy to the student.  The Reiki II practitioner channels this life force energy to the client, or to themselves, through touch, but they are also able to send distance healing's.  They are given a deeper understanding of the System of Reiki and will be given four additional symbols to use during their healing practices.

Advanced Reiki Training and the Master Class

During Advanced Reiki Training and the Master Class the student is given additional symbols and their energy levels will once again increase.  They will gain a deeper understanding of the healing process.  When taking the Master Class they learn the attunement process and will be able to attune others and become a teacher if they so desire.


Family Constellation

A client decides to work on an issue, and members of the group are chosen to represent actual family members and positioned in the room.  With the representatives’ help hidden dynamics and loyalties are revealed.  Seeing the root for physical and emotional suffering may promote a deeper healing, a healing beneath the rational mind.  When healing at the soul level is achieved, a greater sense of peace and belonging is restored leading to an improved vibrant life.


Trance Channeling is a form of non-physical mediumship in which the channeler goes into a trance, or "leaves their body".  He or she allows the spirit-person (often Ascended Masters, and Spirits from other dimensions) to borrow his/her body, who then talks through them.  In the trance, the medium enters a cataleptic state marked by extreme rigidity.  As the control spirit takes over, the medium's voice and mannerisms may change completely.  The entity can answer the questions of those in its presence or giving spiritual knowledge.

Candle Dressing

      Candle dressing is a process of taking or making a candle with purpose by using Oils, Herbs and/or stones.  All of these ingredients will have a purpose like Money Draw, Love attraction, Luck, or a Perfect job.  Our employees use their extensive knowledge to choose the ingredients meticulously for each purpose.

Candle dressing is accomplished in a couple of different ways.  The most common way to do this is to take a 7 day glass candle and add Stones Oils, and Herbs usually around the top.  A beeswax sheet candle is another option, we take a sheet of beeswax add a wick in the middle then add oil, Stones, and Herbs while rolling the sheet around the wick.  The third option is a little more self involved on your part, we will assemble a kit containing the Stones, Oils, and Herbs with an 1 ½” pillar candle so you can rub the oils around the outside of the candle.  

Persis Persis Sonya Dani Shana Nita Trina Shana Shana Trina Trina Trina Trina

Astrology Chart Readings & Relationship Analysis

 ~ Natal Birth Chart Readings (in-depth insight into one’s self and life) ~ Solar Return Readings (forecasts for the coming year) ~ Synastry and Composite Chart Readings (in depth Relationship Readings) ~ Electional and Horary Readings (find good time for important events, answer questions)

Specializing in assessing important elements in relationship, such as potential for love, sexual chemistry, ability to communicate, happiness and fun, longevity and commitment, destiny, past life connection, purpose and direction, and health (harmony and conflict balance) within a current or potential relationship. Twin Flame and True Love indicators can be found as well!

Multidimensional Healing ~ Akashic Healing ~ Karmic Contract Removal ~ Soul Retrieval

“Multidimensional Healing ~ Akashic Healing ~ Karmic Contract Removal ~ Soul Retrieval” is a multidimensional healing, working on the 5th, 6th and 7th energetic planes with the divine beings that hold the Akashic Records and Karmic Contracts.  “Multidimensional Healing ~ Akashic Healing ~ Karmic Contract Removal ~ Soul Retrieval” works in line with Divine Will, your Highest Self, and your guardian angels, to help you remove negative beliefs, contracts and imprints connected to childhood, past life karma and ancestral DNA, which no longer serve your highest good, your happiness, or the planet. This healing work has come about at this time to serve us all in our ascension process through release of suffering from false or negative programing on the 3rd plane of reality. This healing process works on all planes and through all lifetimes, to bring increased alignment with your true/higher self, to increase freedom and joy, and help you anchor into 5D unconditional love and expansion!

Trina Persis