Dani has a strong connection with the angelic realm. During her reiki sessions, she receives intuitive messages and information from higher consciousness. She feels and diagnoses your chakras and gives personal information as to why they are building debris. Reiki sessions are different for everyone and even different for Dani every time! Dani is kind, attentive and informed. She will always go the extra mile and she truly cares about the well-being of everyone she meets. Reiki sessions with her include, aura cleansing with herbs, chakra diagnosis, chakra clearing and harmonizing, crystal healing, and reiki transference. Reiki is lifeforce energy, it is the cleanest form of our energy it is pure unconditional LOVE.

Kristen Nestor-Rosales

              Kristen has a natural ability to connect with the heart of the matter and can assist you with that connection within yourself.  She has been professionally reading for 6 years.  Kristen focuses on soul healing and empowerment, opening up to Unconditional Love and allowing spirit to connect with her to serve your highest good.  Wether it be clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentiance, mediumship, inner child connections, past life recall, and more.  Spirit is continually surprising her to the infinite ways to connect with and express through her.  Kristen's relaxed demeanor and sense of humor create a clear space to expand your awareness and transcend.  A reading with Kristen provides you with guidance, gives you tools for deepening your connection with spirit, and empowers you to move forward in peace and feel excited for life's adventure.