Dani is psychically connected to the Angelic realm.  She receives her guidance from the Archangels.  Dani can read for you with or without cards.  She can show you how you can put yourself in alignment with what you want to happen in your life.  She can also tune into other individuals in your life and tell you more about what’s going on with them.  You could be surprised by what information does comes up in a reading with Dani, but do know that it will be what’s best for your optimal healing.  Dani is also a Reiki master and crystal healer.  She can guide you to different metaphysical tools that could benefit your life right now.  She is also in a Twin Flame relationship so she is a pro when it comes to Twin Flame readings.  Learning her gifts didn’t come easy, she went through many trials and tribulations to get to the understanding and strength she has now.  She is a great guide if you do want to understand your psychic abilities as well.  Dani will always be honest, direct, and patient with you.  She truly wants the best for everyone she meets.  I hope you get a chance to work with her!

Dani Palamino