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Monday thru Friday 11 AM till Finish

Sunday 12 PM till Finish

Evening classes start at 7 PM

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Kindred Spirits is a Sacred Space where the World can Heal Itself, One Soul at a time.

Kindred Spirits, and Vince, and Chuck, and Persis Newland:

Kindred Spirits has been owned and operated by Chuck and Persis Newland for the past 20 years.  They met when they were 14 years old, yet their individual paths led them in very different directions.  They reunited after 25 years each having had hard fought Personal Growth and profound Spiritual Transformations of their own.  Chuck has had a life of travel and adventure, worked extensively with animals and co-creating with the land.  Persis on the other hand chose motherhood, art and roots as her mainstay.

Their family includes, four sons, their wives and six grandchildren.  They have a small, organic, family farm they call “Wild Rock”.  Wild Rock also serves as a Sanctuary for African and California Desert Tortoises, Chickens, Guinea Pigs and Suzie the dog all rescued from dire situations.    

Kindred Spirits is and always has been a family business that opens it’s heart to all.  No matter who is working at Kindred Spirits they will have you feeling like part of the family from the very minute you walk in.

The doors to Kindred Spirits first opened in the summer of 93 and quickly outgrew our original location, not once but twice!  For over 20 years Kindred Spirits has thrived at the foot of Majestic Mt. Baldy and has become a Spiritual Center shining out from our beautiful little collage town.

Times do change and evolve.  Now a days we spend most of our time at Wild Rock doing product creation, Bottling, Incense making, accounting and our paper products like Brochures and fliers, etc…  You will see Vince behind the counter, and writing more on the website, which he has created and maintains for us.  So if you have not met him yet come in and meet him, or one of the beautiful helpful women (Genevieve, Dani, and Shana) that come in and help him during the day.

                                       “We feel blessed to do what we love. We have found our Path and our Purpose in Kindred Spirits.”  ~ Persis Newland

2025: Change is inevitable...

Claremont can be a shining example

August 09, 2013 12:11 PM, Claremont Caourier

Looking to the future, more specifically the next dozen years, Persis Newland—an intuitive who gives readings at Kindred Sprits, a Claremont healing center she co-owns with her husband Chuck—sees the world as striking a new balance.

She predicts the masculine energy that has prevailed for many years, typified by the United States’ ongoing state of war and the current sink-or-swim economic climate, will be tempered by greater feminine energy.

“I see money and finance as masculine energy,” she explained. “The goddess or feminine is trade, sharing and communal thinking.”

Many people have been downsized from the corporations they once worked for. Others have found themselves shunned by banks, which see the proverbial little guy unworthy of investing in. When the financial crisis hit, for instance, the Newlands applied to 2 different banks for loans to keep their business afloat and were denied. Somehow they weathered the storm, pushing through without taking on any debt.

A few years ago, Ms. Newland said, people were beating themselves up for having been so trusting in pursuit of the American dream. Now, she asserts, people are shaping new dreams. One client recently informed her that she was starting her own business. Another client told her he’s picked up the guitar again and is ready to pursue some gigs.

“The little guys are starting to value themselves more and more, not just financially but for their whole being,” Ms. Newland said. “Moving into 2025, more people will be following their bliss, asking ‘What do I want to do?’ They’ll be projecting loving energy into the world instead of doing something that stifles them.”

In the future, Ms. Newland says “spirit”—the source to which she attributes the messages she relays—will increasingly prompt people to project loving energy via the technology of the Information Age..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            READ MORE:

‘Soul’ proprietors help healing center stay balanced

April 05, 2013 10:52 AM, Claremont Courier

The Claremont healing center Kindred Spirits is all about balance, beginning with the harmonious division of work struck by proprietors Persis and Chuck Newland.

Mr. Newland is the resident mineral expert, ready to recommend the perfect stone or crystal to raise your vibration. He is also in charge of preparing handmade incense, infusing the smoky sticks with essential oils to honor the natural world, cleanse your aura, draw good fortune or just smell good.

Ms. Newland is the extrovert of the pair, using her “gift of gab” to deliver intuitive readings that resonate so deeply with clients, they are often moved to tears. “We buy a case of Kleenex a month,” she said. “Everyone cries here. It’s a release.”

She also guides customers in elemental arts like candle dressing, leads workshops on connecting with the inner child and, in her spare time, creates colorful and symbolic paintings and drawings.

The world of Kindred Spirits—crystal sound baths, shamanic journeys and energetic healing—may sound “out there” to those unused to the esoteric. The Newlands’ aim, however, is simple: to provide people with the knowledge and tools to heal themselves in a world out of balance.

 “I believe we’re at a tipping point,” Ms. Newland said. “I truly believe in the saying, ‘As above, so below.’ The most effective way to work on healing the planet is by first healing ourselves.”

In keeping with a business specializing in the metaphysical realm, the Newlands’ story evokes a sense of destiny. They opened shop in August of 1993, just weeks after getting married, but they weren’t your typical dewy-eyed newlyweds. They met when they were 12, got married when they were 18 and went their separate ways soon after.

When Ms. Newland organized a reunion of their Chino High School classmates 22 years later, they picked up where they left off.