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Kindred Spirits established in 1993.

From the minute the doors opened we realized the importance of healing as well as providing products with the highest energy possible.  Today we are an intricate member of our ever growing Spiritual Community. We began as a tiny shop and quickly grew to need a much larger space to accommodate class, workshops, healing's and daily readings.

Kindred Spirits ~ The Shop

Harmony and peace is the first thing you feel when you walk in the door. The harmonious energy naturally occurs due to the hundreds of gems, minerals and crystals sitting in harmony with one another. The fragrance of our handmade incense, soaps, oils and elixirs permeates the air adding to the experience. When asked what smells so good we just say Kindred Spirits. The owners themselves  grow the California White Sage for the Sage bundles on Wild Rock, their Family Farm and Tortoise Sanctuary. Over the many years we have developed an exclusive line of Kindred Spirits products for Spiritual uses, including Smokeless Smudge Crystal Elixir, Color Therapy Candles, Oils, Incense and Herbs. Kindred Spirits Wholesale ships products all over the globe.

Kindred Spirits ~ Healing Center

We now provide a space for over twenty teachers and healer, all working as a big family. We are now a strong, vibrant business and Healing Center. We invite free thinkers and those out of the box believers to experience themselves in a whole new way.

“We are looking forward to being of service…

For many years to come.” ~ Persis Newland

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New Things to Come

September at

Kindred Spirits!

We want to start off by thanking all of you for everything you do to make

Kindred Spirits what it is.

You have allowed us to have 22 amazing years supplying, teaching,  and just simply serving you for all of your Sacred Spiritual needs.

If you have been in lately you have noticed our new and increased inventory to supply you with the things you need.  Due to your ever steady request for readings our Kindred Spirits Readers and Healers are very busy. Your demand for Readings and Healing's has made it necessary to expand our Reading hours making it easier for you to book an appointment with your favorite Reader or Practitioner.  In make room for more readings Persis Newland will be doing Phone readings on Mondays, by appointment only. It is best to book early her schedule fills up fast.

All other readers are available for readings and phone readings every day between 11-6PM Monday-Saturday, and 12-5PM on Sundays.

Please check our schedule and call for an appointment to

ensure you can see your favorite Reader.

One of our restrooms is being painted by our very own local artist Nick Rybacki.

Nick is an incredible artist!

Soon Nick will be “Painting Your Spirit Guide” one day a month for Kindred Spirits. Next time you are in check it out!!

Please take notice of our new calendar.  On top of our regular classes like Kristen Nestor-Rosales’ Monday morning meditation, Tuesday night meditation, and Sonya Arias’ Claremont Healing hands, etc…  we will be having special event classes like Sonya’s Minor and Major Arcana Tarot Classes on the 6th and 12th. Dr. Michael Mosley is back to teaching Developing Your Intuition, and Law of Attraction Classes on the 10th and 24th.

We are also happy to facilitate Janet Whitener for readings through out the month as well as Aero on the third Saturday at 7pm. Forgiveness the Process of Change on the 13th, Healing Communication—Feeling the Love on the 18th, and Healing with Vibration Singing bowls on the 27th.

Kindred Spirits will host The Witches Oracle Deck Workshop on the Sept 20th.  You will meet Victoria Gross one of our gifted readers and Marla Brooks, one of the Authors of this beautiful new Oracle Deck.  It is always exciting when we can give our customers the opportunity to learn the deck from the person who created it. These two Amazing women will be working together to not only give you insight to the deck and share special layouts with you. You are welcome to come purchase your deck and /or register for the workshop any time. These beautiful decks are going fast. If you are inspired to come to the amazing workshop please call now to reserved your seats. They are going fast.

Bright Blessings, Chuck, Persis and Vincent